Drabble megapost
1. Because people had unfilled kinks
2. To celebrate International Women's Day
3. Because 8500 is a nice round number

So if you missed the previous posts and would like exactly one hundred words on a kink of your choice, post it here and I'll get to it as soon as I can. All prompts will be filled. Anonymous commenting is on.

A selection of some of the drabbles I've written so farCollapse )

Ten Minutes
Originally posted anonymously on the Sherlock BBC Meme.

Prompt: Sherlock's first high was when he was 15 with cocaine he found in Mycroft room... This got him hooked on drugs and this also made Mycroft quit using drugs.
Warnings: Drug use.
Pairing(s): None.
Notes: This was written pre-S2 and before blown pupils became the fandom's least favourite cliché.

It has been ten minutes since Sherlock discovered the envelope in his older brother's room.Collapse )

Things I learnt about myself last night
1. I am a complete whore for praise. I will keep writing a long way past my bedtime if there are anons telling me what I'm writing is good.

2. I enjoy writing things for people to get off to. 

3. If I don't understand a kink, the first pairing I reach for is Jim/Sebastian. I had to stop myself from doing this several times. 

4. I might be sort of kind of be able to write smut? 

The thread where I learnt all these things if anyone's interested in reading some porn. 

Better Days
Originally posted anonymously on the Sherlock BBC Meme.

Prompt: A female character gets pregnant. She decides to have an abortion. Her partner fully supports her decision.
Warnings: Infidelity, non-traumatic abortion.
Pairing(s): Sally/Anderson.

Sally Donovan is never late: not for appointments, not for work, and definitely not for menstruation.Collapse )


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